Difference Between the Scrum Master and the Project Manager

Clear definition of roles, when it comes to a scrum team, is extremely critical. Many companies make the mistake of mixing up such roles and this leads to an inability of the project. For instance, one of the most common mistakes that every organization makes is to make no difference between the scrum-master and the project manager.

In reality, these two entities are very different. They have specific roles to perform and once these “job responsibilities” have been identified and detailed, it can lead to a huge degree of success.

Planning versus aiding

A scrum-master is the facilitator whereas a project manager is the planner. The former is actually a “go-between” when it comes to the customer on one side and the project on the other. scrum master But it is the job of the project manager to take all the decisions and to do all the planning that is required for the team and successful project management.

Both these areas require a totally different skill set. A scrum chief will never get into the nitty-gritty of managing the team. Whereas, a project manager has to get all the information of the same.

Scope of management

Typically, a project manager will get concerned necessarily about his project and the way it is moving on. It is the job of the scrum-master to take an increased view of things and act as the communications conduit between the product owner and the project manager.

Doing things like helping to plan and review meetings and outlining user experience and even giving feedback about the functionality of the product is the job of a scrum-leader.

Difference in mindset

Some organizations choose a scrum-chief from a pool of project operators. This may not be a successful endeavor because of the difference in mental make-up that is required. Typically, a project manager has to be overly analytical and extremely structured in his approach to work.

Whereas, a scrum Master may have to deal with a lot of fluidity and dynamism to be a successful communicator. Being the mentor to the project, a scrum Master has to be able to take into account building relationships and problem-solving as well. And these are areas that do not lend themselves to a structured approach!

Not taking certain decisions

When it comes to decisions about the product of the project, then the scrum Master will simply not be mixed up in same. In fact, one of the hallmarks of successful scrum projects is the fact that it is has kept these two individuals completely apart.

Thus, if the scrum Master is talking about product or project decisions then it is not a successful or effective scrum system.

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