IT Corporate Training & Certification Portfolio

For the last few decades, market has been very hard and job market fades. But maybe not to its well trained and trained IT professionals. The project opportunities in information technology industry aren’t few, however, the higher competition accompanying them places a limitation. Hence, is a need for certification and training to improve techniques and the knowledge. More info

Thinking of the evolving nature of the technology, the organizations understand the requirement to continue to keep its knowledge base upgraded but without impacting the job flow. This is possible through IT training classes.

Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA). No network is different without routing and switching. Networking skills are in demand by the companies. Professionals with CCNA in their resume could control a increase in their wages. This Cisco training equips candidates. CCNA accredited professional have the skills to set up, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise network, link to WAN, implement network security, launch point to point links, and configure & run IOS devices. Providing a base in technology, CCNA is a gateway into the level Cisco certifications.

Certified Ethical Hacker- supplied from the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) CEH certification class provides you an insight to the hacker’s thoughts and methodologies. Behaving the way hat hackers act, the machine is secured by a Certified Ethical Hacker . The laboratory exercises through CEH training provides experience of these steps to the candidates to be taken to prevent the attack of the hacker. Creating a candidate capable to procure the data system, CEH is among the highest classes from the market.

OCP 11g DBA Certification

A reputed name in the IT sector, Oracle hands-on instruction and certificate won’t just get you a satisfying career but can make you stick out among your peers. Earning the advanced degree OCP 11g DBA certification implies you’re well-versed together with the database system, applications and concepts, and possess the proficiency to be part of a huge software firm. It brings authenticity and proves your virtue.

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