Pot And your Property Investment

It is the same in most western developed countries where police have told landlords to be aware of illegal drug set-ups in their property investment leases Marijuana for sale in Perth. Rental properties are increasingly being used en mass by individuals and syndicates to grow pot of high quality and in abundance, often farming crops every 12 weeks.

During a large drug bust in Australia in late 2010, police executed 74 search warrants across the state of Victoria, taking ownership of more than 9000 cannabis plants. A large number of individuals were charged with drug-related offences as a result of the raids.

Although stating the obvious, police said that 58 of the 68 houses raided were leases. When landlords were contacted, law enforcement found most of them were unaware of the illegal activity going on at their home. Most homeowners were found to be trusting and had advertised for tenants via newspaper advertising campaigns and in shop windows. Consequently, their home investment rental agreements were more often than not, a piece of paper, handwritten and of little legal size, despite full legal documentation being readily available on the internet.

Rental investment property in these instances are leased for the expressed function of growing ‘dope’ and sometimes every room in the house has hydroponic growing equipment, including reflective sheeting on the walls, a full lighting set up, watering system and ac and an exhaust system to diffuse the heavy smell of maturation sprouts.

‘Crop sitters’ can be paid thousands of dollars a week to tend the crops and tenants were known to offer months and months of rent in advance and would pay each rent amount due, on time, Unfortunately when the tenant leaves, home owners would often find a house with carpet missing, new walls, water damage and a tampered with electrical system.

In every property investment rental, landlords need to formalise rental agreements and have why these were offered such a large n amount of money in advance.

Operation Thing, as the Victorian drug operation was called, was responsible for 30 people facing the judge on various criminal and drug related charges, but take note that in one house south of the city, police found more than 400 dope plants, growing in 11 rooms in a two story home!

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